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Klaudia Kelly

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"Can't Get Goo Outta My Mind!"

Rodney confesses to his curvy step-daughter Klaudia Kelly that things haven't been well sexually between him and her mother. Ever since he found an old DVD of his wife having sex with her previous husband, he can't get that image out of his mind when they try to have sex. They even went to a doctor who suggested Rodney have sex with another woman, with wifey's approval of course, just to clear the mental block from his head. But they don't know anyone willing to do that for him and the only other option is to hire a prostitute. Klaudia really doesn't want her step-daddy to hire a hooker and she's got a much better option. What if she takes care of him? Surely that would be more to her mother's approval than a prostitute. Rodney does like big curvy women after all. Though a bit reluctant at first, he finally lets Klaudia suck his cock. Then she whips out those big boobs he likes so much. He fucks her face and her giant tits before plunging his prick in her pudgy pussy. He bangs her hard making her big belly quiver in delight. Before long she plants her huge ass right on top of Rodney's face smothering him between her massive thighs. After some more banging and cock sucking, Rodney spews a massive load of jizz onto her tongue.

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