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Bunny De La Cruz

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"Co-Sign for Cum"

Busty beauty Bunny De La Cruz really needs her Step Daddy Rodney to co-sign a lease on a new place. He doesn't want to because Bunny's mom isn't willing to co-sign and he doesn't want to go behind her back. But Bunny's big huge rack is calling him. In an effort to convince him to help, Bunny thrusts his face into her bosom. As she grabs his swelling cock, she tells him she can help him out if he'll help her out. It doesn't take long before Rodney succumbs. Bunny starts sucking his cock and licking his balls. She strips down and sticks her big ass up in the air. Rodney plows her hard from behind causing her big hips to jiggle just right. He bangs her in all kinds of positions, tossing her around like a big rag doll. Finally he spews a huge wad of spunk all over her pretty face.

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