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Alice Doe

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"Step Daddy-Dom Daddy Goo!"

Doting step-daughter Alice Doe thinks her new boyfriend might be "the one," but she was thrown for a loop when he suggested they bring BDSM into their burgeoning sex life. He's a Dominant, and he would like for her to be his submissive. She is eager to engage in this new type of play, but she has no idea what these names even mean! She's secretly overheard her mom and step-dad talk about their own power exchange relationship, so she's asked Rodney to come over and teach her about the practice. She's even snuck over a box of her boyfriend's kinky toys--even though she has no idea how to use them. Rodney is the only person she trusts to give her a spanking. How else will she know if she likes it? Besides, he's her step dad, and he's supposed to teach her new things. So, Rodney obliges, and puts Alice over his knee for a good ole fashioned ass smacking. And wouldn't you know it? She loves it! So he pulls up her dress a little bit and slaps her naked cheeks. He pulls out different toys--a riding crop, a flogger, and a paddle--to try out on his step daughter, who is now ass down and face up for him. Now that her bottom is warm and rosy from all the impact play, Rodney puts her on a collar and leash, and she crawls around on the floor. And when he puts a pair of sensory deprivation goggles on Alice, she starts rubbing on his cock and begging to suck it. She immediately deepthroats his entire shaft, choking on it repeatedly. Then, after kissing her deeply and sucking on her pink nipples, he lays her back on the sofa and eats her pussy. But what she likes the most is when he fucks her pussy hard with his fat cock while pulling on her leash. He chastises her for cheating on her boyfriend, but then directs her to sit down on her step-dad's cock and bounce her fat ass up and down. Rodney finally rewards Alice for her submission by shooting a huge load of creamy white jizz all over her lips.

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