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Alexxxis Allure

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"Down & Dirty Step-Daddy"

Alexxxis Allure thinks she has just caught her step dad Rodney watching porn in bed. She can't be too mad, though, because her mom has been out of town for weeks on business, and Rodney must be feeling very lonely. So she teases Rodney about whether or not he has spent all his free time jacking off. But when he shows her his injured wrist, she realizes he hasn't been able to take his sexual frustrations into his own hands. He's even tried his other hand, but it's just not the same! So, Alexxxis starts rubbing his crotch through the blankets and offers to help him out. She wants to take care of her step-dad, she says, just like he takes care of her when she isn't feeling well. Rodney knows that its wrong, but he just can't resist her advances. Besides, her boobs are even bigger than her mom's, and he certainly would like to give them a squeeze. Alexxxis bends over and starts licking on the head of his cock and swallowing the shaft. Then, Rodney gets a taste of her huge knockers while she jacks him off. Next, he has her sit her enormous butt cheeks right on top of his face so he can eat her jiggling ass before fucking her from behind with his stiff prick. While still penetrating her, he tickles her feet and sucks her toes. "You're so dirty, daddy," she giggles between moans. He also plays with her dripping pussy and blows raspberries on her big belly. After Alexxxis rides Rodney's big dick in the cowgirl position, he asks, "Would it be okay if a step dad came inside his step daughter's pussy?" Alexxxis begs him to fill her up with his cum, so Rodney drills her tight hole without stopping, until he squirts a huge, white load inside her. And when he pulls out, she spreads her pussy lips wide, and you can watch the huge creampie drip down her slit.

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