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Becki Butterfly

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"Ballin The Family"

Becki Butterfly surprises her stepdad Rodney by showing up at his strip club for BBW Amateur Strip Night. At first Rodney protests, but doesn't wanna make a scene so he let's her go ahead, and he goes back in the office while she does her thing. After a while Becki comes bouncing into the office still naked, but really happy because a customer wants a lap dance. The only problem is, she needs to practice so she grabs Rodney, throws him on the couch and starts grinding her big meaty butt into his lap. Pretty soon Rodney can't control himself and he buries his face tongue deep in Becki's chubby cheeks. Then he pulls out his big ole boner and thrusts it into that plump wet pussy of hers. Next it's time for some face-fuckin, so Rodney starts pumpin his throbbing meat in her open mouth. The fun doesn't stop there as Rodney begins fuckin away at the folds of her big belly. The two aren't done yet so they fuck all over the office before Rodney rewards her with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast all over her pretty mouth!

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