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Angel DeLuca

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"Step Dad's Big Big Secret"

Angel finds some old VHS porn at her friend's place. After watching a little bit of it, she's convinced the male actor in the scene is her Stepdaddy, Rodney. It sure does sound like him and that's his big nose too!! But the only way to know for sure is to see if he has an uncut cock just like the performer on the video. She confronts Rodney about the find and when she sees his uncut member, he ultimately admits to doing some porn a long time ago. Angel's never had an uncut dick inside her before and she's fascinated by Rodney's big package. She convinces him to let her suck his dick and she's happy to let him lick her pussy. Before long he slides his cock into her tight twat. Her huge tits bounce against her chin as she bangs her mercilessly. He rolls her over getting her big ass high in the air. After giving her big butt a big spanking he goes back to pounding her pussy. They continue to fuck and suck each other until he goos up her hole good.

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