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Layla & Karen Trailer

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"How To Blow An Audition"

Busty blonde Karen Fisher is a talent agent, and she's brought her new model Lalya Price to Rodney Moore's office to book some gigs. Rodney is pleased to see the young actress, and he's ready to hold an audition right then and there. So, he pulls out his cock and starts jerking. He's going to audition her with a blowjob. Wait! What kind of movies does Mr. Moore make, exactly? Well, porn, of course! Flustered Karen explains there must have been a misunderstanding. They are not there to do porn! Sorry for the mistake! Rodney apologizes for whipping his cock out, and they leave. But moments later, there is a knock at the door. Karen's back, and she wants to suck his dick. A beautiful blonde with green eyes and big jugs…how could he say no? She starts blowing him, but just when things get hot and heavy, she has to excuse herself for the restroom. While she's using the toilet, there is another knock at the door. Layla is back, and she wants to audition for porn after all! So, she strips and starts giving Rodney head. He teachers her the essentials of oral sex…like, don't spit on the cock (just drool on it), and don't block the action from the camera with your hands! Karen cums back out, and the girls team up to suck Rodney off side by side. He even teaches Layla to do something very popular in porn lately, rimming. She eats his ass enthusiastically. Surprised Karen didn't know what a slut Layla was! Rodney eats the girls’ ass out, and they love it. At last, Karen guides Layla's mouth on Rodney's dick until he shoots his seed into her hungry mouth. Then, Layla spit balls his jizz into Karen's mouth. These two hot women certainly know how to please a man together.

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