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Amber Angel Trailer

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"Amber's First Video"

Alternative rocker girl Amber Angel has cum to Rodney's studio to shoot her very first adult video! Does she love sucking cock? Of course she does! She likes making her man feel pleasure! So, wearing black lingerie, she drops to her knees and starts sucking on his swollen knob. He shows her just how to stroke his sensitive shaft into her warm mouth. She tongues it softly from base to tip before swallowing it whole. Choking on its enormous size, she giggles and goes back in for more. He also tells her how to squeeze his balls and to let the drool drip down her chin when it overflows her mouth. No swallowing the spit! Yet, at least. Then, she works her way down to his asshole and eats it out. He jerks his cock and balls against her forehead. Then he bends the naughty girl over and gives her a spanking with his hand. Harder and harder she begs! So much that Rodney has to grab a leather paddle. Her red ass cheeks look good enough to eat! They almost match her dyed pink hair! Next, he spanks her juicy breasts while she sucks him off and plays with herself at the same time. He jerks himself off while she licks his ass, then he shoots a huge load of man spunk all over her tongue.

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