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Alana Cruise Trailer

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"Room With A Goo"

When Rodney checks into his hotel room, he discovers a gorgeous woman in his shower! He makes the most of the front desk's mix up by convincing the beautiful Alana Cruise to let him jerk off in front of her. He's already seen her naked, so what's the big deal? Well, one thing leads to another, and Rodney's soon pumping his huge cock in between her toes. Her legs are spread wide, and her beautiful pussy is on display. Can't Rodney just touch it for a second? He spreads her lips wide, exposing pretty pink insides. Then, he rubs the tip of his huge dick against her slippery, shaved cunt. He slides into her tight, wet hole and starts fucking her. Her tan lines drive him crazy, and he starts spanking her butt while she backs into him doggystyle. He sinks his nails into her voluptuous cheeks, leaving some kinky red marks behind. He can't help but notice how delicious her butt hole looks from this position as well. So after he eats her pussy out, he gives her sweet, deep kisses with his tongue up her asshole. He tongue fucks her while she moans with pleasure. Then, he dives back in her pussy with his cock and fucks her balls deep. Now, it's time for Alana to return the favor and suck on Rodney's big rod. She gets super drooly, so soon after, Rodney has to lick it off her perfect tits. The tables turn, once again, when the pretty girl eats Rodney's ass out. She moans as her tongue tickles his manhole. Alana doesn't want to mess up her makeup, so she has Rodney shoot his man milk into a cup and she swallows it down like a shot. A first for the cum drunk princess!

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