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"The Nasty Birthday Girl"

Gorgeous black girl Yana wants to shoot porn with Rodney for her boyfriend's birthday. He really gets off on Yana being nasty with other guys, and she knows he will just love watching Rodney getting some expert oral attention. She's got a lovely hourglass figure, and she likes to give wet and sloppy blowjobs. So, she starts playing with Rodney's big white cock through his pants. Then, he whips it out and practically smacks her in the face! She's got him nice and hard, and he's ready to get to work. The mahogany madam spreads her lips wide and starts sucking on Rodney’s legendary member. She is incredibly energetic and enthusiastic, using all different kinds of techniques…similar to what she must do with her boyfriend when they are alone. Using both hands, she slobbers, spits, and plays with his balls. Dirty Rodney licks her saliva off her pierced Nubian tits. Then, he grabs her by the head and flicks his big dick between her chocolate cheeks. She licks his balls and even swallows them into her mouth. She slaps his cock head against her tongue, then works her way down to his perineum and eats his asshole. Rodney rewards her with a big, white Rodney Blast all over her smooth, mocha skin.

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