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Skyler Rose Trailer

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"No More Pussy Lickin!"

Sexy business woman Skyler Rose is at work and her computer is acting up again. She calls for tech support, and they send out Rodney to repair it. She has no qualms about letting him know the special service that the old computer guy used to do for her…lick her pussy. And if he doesn't do the same thing, she is going to call his boss and complain about his lack of professionalism. Rodney doesn't want to lose his job, so he drops to his knees and lets the soft hairs on Skyler's blushing pussy tickle his nose as she gyrates against his face. Then later at home, while Skyler is hula hooping in a sexy outfit, her home laptop bugs out again. She has Rodney's number now, so she calls him directly to cum over and lend a helping hand. But this time Rodney takes the reigns, making her suck his cock while he holds her by the ponytail. He's even brought along some new toys to play with while she swallows his huge balls and eats his assknee padsgogglesa paddle…a riding crop. He collars Skyler and starts spanking her wet pussy. Her pussy needs to be punished and fucked hard. As he pounds her with his big dick, he digs his nails into her ass cheeks and pulls on her leash. She begs him to pull her hair as he smacks her with a flogger, making he cum intensely. At last, Rodney shoots a huge load of jizz all over her mouth and nose while she gazes lustily up at him.

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