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Kamille Amora Trailer

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"Do You Mind If I Jerk Off?"

Rodney has cum to Dr. Kamille Amora to heal a bad habit. It seems that every time he photographs a sexy model, he has the compulsion to pull out his dick and start stroking! So the female doctor tries to use negative reinforcement--in the form of a slap to the face--to get him to stop. But just as he's cured, Kamille demands payment in the form of his cock. He's gotten her horny now, and she wants to get fucked! So, she starts kissing Rodney and letting him squeeze her humongous boobs. He buries his face in them and sucks her huge nipples. Her breasts are so big he has to use both hands to hold onto them. His cock gets rock hard again in a second, and she gives it some expert oral attention. She sucks his big dick and then sits down on it and takes a ride. She moans loudly as he jackhammers her tight pussy from below. Then, she spreads her legs wide and Rodney takes a dive into her puffy pink pussy with his tongue. He slips his cock back in and fucks her so hard her whole curvy body jiggles. He even gets a little playful revenge when he smacks her in the face with her own gigantic breasts. Turns out the doc needed a big dose of vitamin D herself! Rodney gives her the kind of fucking she can only get from a porn professional, and she seems to fall into a pleasurable trance with each pump. Finally, Rodney gives her the real star treatment…a huge facial made from 100% organic man milk.

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