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"Wakey,Wakey-Time for Sex"

Sexy redhead Sara Sweet is relaxing with Rodney on the couch. He's completely passed out from working a double shift, but she's horny and wants him to wake up and fuck her! So, she slips off her dress, exposing her full, perky breasts and starts masturbating right next to him on the couch. He doesn't stir, so she tries giving his crotch a nice rub. "Wakey, wakey," she teases him as she unfastens his belt and takes off his shorts. She starts playing with his huge, uncut cock, but he's still too tired. He begs her to use the toy he got her instead. So she jumps on her rocking sex chair and penetrates herself with the big, black dildo. Sleepy Rodney goes upstairs to catch some Z's, but it's not too long before he cums back down and starts sucking on her hard nipples. She starts jerking his long, fat dick while still riding. She smacks the head against her tongue and licks the balls. Then, Rodney gives her a real dick to ride. He fucks her on her back while she plays with her swollen love button. He worships her feet, pussy, and ass with his tongue. At last he shoots his super load of semen all over her resting face while she flicks her clit all the way to orgasm.

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