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Sadie Grey Trailer

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"Kiss My Ass!"

Curvy brunette Sadie Grey is not having very much success at the office today. Every time she calls a potential customer, she gets turned down. So, being the confident businesswoman she is, concludes each of the failed sales calls by saying, "Kiss my ass!" When things get a little too hectic, Sadie calls up the janitor, Rodney, to relieve a little mid-morning stress. As soon as he cums to her office, she repeats her favorite line, "Kiss my ass!" Custodian Rodney is definitely up for the job! So, she bends over and lets him devour her juicy, thick butt. Her buries his face until he is nose deep in her crack. Next, she rewards his excellent efforts by giving him a slow and sensual blowjob. Her mouth hugs his shaft tightly and her lips stick smears off on it. Against the office wall, Rodney gives her a good face fucking. But the hungry man needs another helping of Sadie's ass and pussy. So he bends her over, spanks and scratches her pale butt cheeks, and tickles her with his tongue. Their secret work rendezvous concludes when the coats her pretty face with a load of certified Rodney Moore goo!

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