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Rachel Lynn Trailer

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"Don't Cum To Work Late"

Redheaded cutie Rachel Lynn is late for work again, so she's going to have to pay the punishment. Her boss Rodney is waiting in her office when she cums in, and she knows what she's got to do to appease him. Give him a blowjob right then and there, at her desk! Five minutes late? Five minutes of head, please! So she starts sucking on his meaty stick, right through the fly of his dress pants! But the naughty girl makes such a mess that Rodney must undress her. After choking on his cock and drooling all over herself, he sends her back to work on an assignment. But when she doesn't finish in time, she gets in trouble again. This time, she has to eat his ass out while he is splayed across her desk. He strokes his huge cock and pulls on her curly, red hair. He pulls off her librarian glasses, and she looks up at him longingly before diving back into his crack. She starts playing with her wet pussy and begging Mr. Moore to fuck her with his dick. He teases her clit with his thumb, and she promises to cum in for overtime tonight if he will satisfy her. Finally, he gets her on all fours and fucks her doggystyle. He smacks and scratches her pale booty, as she yells, "I'm gonna cum on your cock, Sir!" Rachel is just going to have work through lunch today because she's wasted so much time, but boss Rodney is still feeds her a nice helping of protein. He jerks the tip of his cock against her mouth and shoots a huge load down her throat. She swallow it and gets back to work.

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