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Penny Pain Trailer

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"Circuit Breaker Blowjob"

Blonde beauty Penny Pain is doing some chores around the house while wearing only a sexy red negligee and slippers. When her dishwasher isn't working, she calls her neighbor Rodney, who's pretty handy, to cum over to take a look. He quickly figured out that it's just a circuit breaker issue, but before he leaves, Penny can sense that something else is wrong. Turns out Rodney and his girlfriend just broke up, and he's super torn up about it. And she used to give the best blowjobs ever! Well, Penny thinks she can give a pretty good blowjob too. Could she give one to Rodney? Lucky Rodney drops his drawers, and Penny starts giving him some sloppy, drooly head. She smothers her face with his balls and even licks his butt hole. Then, Rodney straddles her breasts and fucks her mouth. Her pretty green eyes grow wide while he overwhelms her with his huge cock. She plays with her pussy while he plays with her lovely titties. At last, Rodney holds Penny's forehead still while he shoots a gallon of goo down the back of her throat. She swallows the cum and spits it out all over her boobs.

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