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Nyomi Star Trailer

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"Can't Pay for Sex!"

When blonde Asian beauty Nyomi Star's fianc'ee loses a bet with Rodney, she cums over to deliver the spoils…$300. Immediately, she tries to make the cash back by giving him a blowjob. But Rodney's never paid for sex in his life, and he's not going to start now. She must really love sucking cock, because without even really trying, Rodney gets the far east sexpot to drop her price to $0. Luckily, Rodney can keep his record intact, and enjoy some super wet and messy head. So, Nyomi starts rubbing her pierced tongue along his balls while stroking his thick shaft. Then, Rodney holds her head still and fucks her pretty face. She drools a ton and rubs his wet cock head against her nose. You know where else her long tongue would feel good? Rodney's asshole! She's never eaten anyone's butt before, but when he bends over the stool, she eagerly smacks his cheeks and dives in tongue first. But when she asks him to return the favor and lick her pussy and ass, he won't do it! Well, that's no fair! So, Nyomi gives him a playful slap on the face and demands that he get to work down there. Her final request is for him to suck her pretty little toes. Reluctant at first, Rodney finally does what he's told when his Goddess gives him another love slap. Turns out he loves it almost as much as licking her juicy cunt. At last, he straddles her face and jizzes all over her talented tongue. She sucks out every last drop.

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