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Nicola Trailer

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"Lusty Lollipop Licker"

Sexy Nicola is sitting behind her desk on the phone when janitor Rodney cums in to clean up her office. She's wearing an intriguing set of bunny ears and licking a huge lollipop. Rodney gets turned on when he hears her talking about buying a bunch of expensive shoes on her upcoming vacation with her husband. So, he pulls out an even bigger lollipop for her to suck on. She massages his balls and voraciously devours his candy stick. Rodney looks down on her mysterious, veiled face as she eagerly pumps his cock into her mouth. Then, he smacks it against her painted lips and cheeks. He grabs her by the forehead while she gets a mouthful of balls. Next, he nestles his throbbing prick between Nicola's beautiful, humongous breasts. Then, straddling her huge boobs, he jerks his cock while she licks his balls. Finally, Rodney flicks the tip of his dick against her mouth before shooting thick streams of creamy cum all over her puckered lips and eyelashes.

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