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Nevada LaRose Trailer

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"Not Dressed For Work"

Naughty Nevada LaRose's dryer broke last night, and this morning she has no panties, skirts, or pants to wear to work. All she has is an ex boyfriend's dress shirt. When her boss Rodney cums into her office to check in her progress, he spots her bare pussy. He gives her two options. She can either take a walk of shame through the office on her way home. Or, she can act like the slut she dressed like, get on her knees, and suck his cock. So, she puts her hands behind her back, and gives him a really messy blowjob. He tells her to let the drool drip down her chest, then grabs her by the ponytail and bobbles her head. He scolds her for using her hands, then bends her over the desk and fucks her. She cums all over his huge dick, and he keeps pounding her while she plays with her clit. Then, he flips her over and ravages her doggystyle. She gets really loud when Rodney smacks and scratches her ass cheeks. She can't get enough! Finally, Nevada licks his ass while milking his cock at the same time. Rodney coats her face in goo, and she goes back to work with the frothy mess still all over her face.

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