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Anastasia Rose Trailer

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"Whole Body Workout"

Petite cutie Anastasia Rose cums to Rodney's gym because her boyfriend thinks she needs to get in better shape. She's never worked out before (she doesn't need to!), but Rodney agrees to help her tone up a little. First, he shows her how to do leg lifts and shoulder presses, but soon it's time to exercise her mouth and tongue. Lying back on the weight bench, Anastasia opens up wide for Rodney's huge dick. He suggests she add in a wrist work out by jiggling his balls at the same time. She gives his cock quite the work out, as she deep throats his huge shaft. While his methods are unconventional, they seem to be working. She can literally feel the muscles in her mouth strengthening, as Rodney playfully smacks her cheeks with his hand. To avoid getting overheated, he has the brunette bunny strip completely. Then, it's time to strengthen her tongue by licking his balls and ass. Rodney tastes her sweaty pussy juices before sliding his big dick in her tight hole. Her ass jiggles while she takes him doggystyle. Finally, they conclude their session with Rodney shooting his own special protein shake all over her face and feeding her every last drop.

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