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Anastasia Rose Trailer

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"Horny Toy Tester"

Doting step daughter Anastasia Rose knows her mom gets lonely when step father Rodney goes on his business trips, so she went to the toy store and got her mom something to keep her warm on those long, cold nights...a fuck machine! Rodney admits he'd rather her use the contraption than hook up with her ex while he's away, so he's thrilled she'll have something sexy to keep her occupied while he's gone. Sweet Anastasia wants to make sure everything is working, so she lubes up the big, black dildo and takes the sex chair for a test ride! Rodney walks in while she is bouncing up and down on the plastic cock. He's shocked! But step daddy has a toy hiding between his legs that she wants to try out too! So, still seated on the machine she starts sucking Rodney's big dick. Grabbing on to her ponytail, he keeps her face still while he fucks it. He jerks his man meat onto her juicy tongue, causing her to drool down her perky, round tits. Next, she bends over and touches her toes while he rams her from behind. Flexing her pussy around his cock, Anastasia's cute boobs jiggle with each thrust. This dirty little girl even takes a taste of daddy's asshole, before Rodney helps himself to a serving of her pretty pink pussy and tight butt. At last, step daddy Rodney coats step daughter Anastasia's beautiful face with a huge blast of goo.

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