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"Nothing Beats a Blowjob"

Ana Foxxx is bored on vacation, mostly because her boyfriend won't let her suck his dick. What a prude! So she calls her friend's uncle, Rodney, over to give him the easiest head of his life. He hasn't had his cock sucked in a while either, so he is eager to lend a helping hand, or schlong, in this case. The African angel Ana drops to her knees and immediately starts devouring his man stick. She drools all over her cute, mocha breasts, and Rodney convinces her to strip completely. She continues to give him really messy head, and lots of nasty sound effects too. She practically chokes herself with his huge rod, and spit runs out her mouth as he hits the back of her throat with his monster cock. It even reaches her blackberry pussy. You can tell this girl really loves to give oral pleasure. She smiles and giggles as she delicately licks his balls, then she is back to the main course. With the intensity she brings to the art of dick sucking, Ana is practically making love to his magic wand with her mouth. He fucks her face roughly in return. While worshipping Rodney's blaster, she plays with her chocolate chip clit. At last, straddling her chest, he coats her pretty black face with tons of white gooey jizz. This scene truly is a drool lover's paradise!

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