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"Extra Duty for Goo"

Rodney just got hired as a janitor for entrepreneur Nari Park. Turns out, her assistant is away for a few days, and she's going to need Rodney to take over some of his responsibilities as well. Confused but intrigued, Rodney follows her instructions to rest his head beneath her queening stool. She sits on his face and has him eat her asshole while she makes a couple phone calls--even one to her boyfriend! After he cleans her butt with his tongue, she makes him take off her high heels and polish her toes. He says he's never been shrimping before, but he must be a quick learner, because he's doing an excellent job! Next, she spreads her pussy lips wide and tells him to lick her there too. Rodney can hardly believe his ears when she demands he take off his pants and put his dick inside. She's so tight, and his dick is so big, but she moans and begs him to stick it all the way in. Nari also likes to submit to her assistant, so now Rodney takes the reigns and tells her how to suck his dick, lick his balls, and tongue fuck his asshole. Turns out Nari is just as good at receiving orders as she is giving them. Now, Rodney assumes complete control as he drills her pussy from behind. With her ass completely up in the air, he spanks her cheeks and she squirms in delight. After some kinky French kissing, Nari opens her mouth wide and Rodney shoots a huge load of jizz onto her tongue. She mixes the cum with her own spit and drools out a white, bubbly mess.

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