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Jaylene Rio Trailer

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"Hula Hoop for All The Goop"

Beautiful and busty Jaylene Rio wants to do some hula hooping for you guys. She swings the hoop around her curvy waist with ease but when Rodney asks her to spin around slowly, she drops it. Maybe that dress is getting in the way, if she just takes it off, she could probably hula better. Oh and the bra too, she should ditch that too of course. She tries a few more times, shaking her giant tits and gyrating her ample ass as she tries time and time again to accomplish the elusive trick. Eventually Jaylene decides she's just going to suck some dick instead. So she crawls to Rodney's eagerly awaiting cock. She hungrily sucks his dick and swallows his balls. She gags on his engorged member while she lets her slobber slither down her massive melons. She fondles her big tits urging Rodney to feed her his seed. Finally, he spews a huge load of cream across her luscious lips.

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