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Valentina Nappi Trailer

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"Now THAT'S Assisted Living!"

It's sometime off in the distant future, and poor old Rodney has retired to a nursing home. Fortunately he has a very sexy Italian nurse taking care of him. She even goes so far as when after helping him to the bathroom and finding that the home has run out of TP, she is willing to clean his butt with her tongue. After some royal rimming, she brings his long dead dongback to life with her skillful mouth. Then she shows Rodney something he hasn't seen in years, a fresh young juicy pussy. After licking it with delight, he plows her pussy with his prick. Missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, it all comes back to him. But he's old so he gets tired quick and needs to rest, but she gets him back quickly by licking his butt hole some more and chowing down on his nuts. Now he's ready for another go round, and after watching her wiggle her fine ass, he dicks her some more, then finally explodes a load all over her face, which he then spoons into her mouth, because this hot nurse has worked up an appetite for cum.

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