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Jorden Kennedy Trailer

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"Dad's Discount Goo Store"

Jorden's step daddy Rodney never gives her a discount at his used shoe store nor does he give her the customary foot massage with the purchase of 3 pairs of shoes. But when she's on the phone with her friend, she finds out that not only did Rodney give Jorden's friend a foot massage, he also licked her pussy and fucked her too. Now to get even with Step daddy, Jorden threatens to tell her Mom that he's been unfaithful. Unless of course, Rodney agrees to give her a good pussy licking. He's reluctant at first but is soon chowing down on her sweet tasty peach. And just so Rodney won't tell her boyfriend either, she agrees to suck his cock too. She takes Rodney's prick deep down her throat and licks eagerly on his balls. She doesn't just stop at giving Rodney a blow job either, she lets him fuck her too. They go back and forth pounding away at each other, then he gifts her with a face full of spunk.

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