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Cabraissa Loi'al Trailer

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"Hot Goo For The New Girl"

Cabraissa is the new girl at an office that is casual and progressive. The office is so casual in fact, the bathrooms are gender neutral so men and women share the same areas. She's completely embarrassed when Rodney walks in on her while she's peeing and she tries to avert her eyes when it's his turn at the toilet. However, she does sneak a peak and is quite impressed with his monstrous member. Later, in the break room she meets Rodney again where he informs her about the attitude of their boss and the company. The boss believes his employees should be relaxed and happy. Therefore he's fitted the break room with things to make his employees the happiest they can be. This includes vibrators for the ladies and iPads filled with porn for the gents. Cabraissa is completely shocked when Rodney opens up an iPad and starts jerking off to porn. But with Rodney's encouragement, she finally relaxes a little and has some fun with one of the vibrators. Rodney likes his porn but watching Cabraissa get herself off is even better. Cabraissa tries sucking on one of the dildos but it's just not the same as having a real dick in her mouth. Good thing Rodney's big cock is available. She starts sucking on his schlong and licking his balls. Rodney returns the oral favor then slips his dick into her tight, wet pussy. He bangs her hard before she goes back to his balls then gives him a succulent rim job. Before long, she's completely naked and riding his cock on the break room couch. Rodney throws her on her side and starts sucking on her toes before going back to pounding her pussy. They're still going at it hot and heavy but their break will soon be over so Cabraissa's gets dressed so she can go right back to work. Rodney blasts a huge load all over her face and glasses, then she returns to work with her face still dripping in goo.

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