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Alina West Trailer

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"Stepfather Knows Breast"

Rodney's gorgeous step daughter Alina surprises him at his strip club. She lives out of town and isn't supposed to know about his business. However, despite Rodney's disapproval, she badly wants a job there. Threatening to tell her Mother, Rodney finally concedes and lets her audition. She's got a hot body and she's a great dancer so Rodney agrees to hire her. But she doesn't just want to strip, she wants to work the backroom as well. Rodney takes Alina to the back to show her exactly what goes on back there. He tells her that some men might want to touch her tits, Alina insists on a demonstration. She grabs Rodney's hands and presses them against her boobs. Despite Rodney's efforts to resist, she rubs his hand against her pussy. Before long she's got his pants down and his cock in her mouth. She sucks his dick and licks his balls drooling down her perky tits at the same time. Rodney's cock finds its way to her tight, wet pussy. He bangs her hard on the couch, then she sucks his cock some more. He goes back to pounding her pussy and takes a taste of her cute little tootsies while he's at it. He leaves her cute face covered in a gallon of goo.

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