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Whitney Wright Trailer

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"Bad Girl Balcony Blast"

Sexy brunette Whitney Wright is in big trouble! And it's up to her friend's dad, Rodney, to punish her. She got caught drinking last night, so she can't go out tonight. Rather, she's stuck on the hotel balcony with nothing fun to do. So, she decides to make the most of it by masturbating on the patio! Perverted Rodney can't help but get an eyeful! When he busts her, one thing leads to another, and his dick ends up in her mouth! Minutes later, it's in her wet pussy! Rodney fucks her good and hard, even sucking on her toes, and Whitney gets down and dirty by eating his asshole! She even takes a turn sitting on his face before he showers her gorgeous face with a gallon of Rodney goo!

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