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Myrica Trailer

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"Hairy Maid Service"

Rodney sees an advertisement for Myrica's Maids and decides to give them a try. Turns out, he will be their very first customer. And he's got a special outfit he'd like her to wear, a sexy maid's uniform. He gets so turned on while cleaning that he pulls his cock out and starts jerking off. Myrica gets mad and threatens to leave, but she really does need the money. So she gets back to work and lets him play. Then, he notices her hairy legs and tiny panties. She's got hairy armpits too, but does she have a hairy pussy to match? He convinces her to show her furry box to him, and then even to let him have a taste of her prickly clit. She loves it and moans loudly. Then, he fucks her with his big cock. He grabs her cute titties while banging her, and he has to cover up her mouth with his hand because she is so loud. He licks her hairy butt hole too. Then, she uses her tongue to clean his balls and asshole. She tickles the head of his dick with tiny licks before he pounds her face. She plays with her fuzzy pussy and sucks him off until he shoots his seed all over her mouth. She cleans up every last drop of cum from his big cock, like a good housekeeper.

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