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Alice Hodges Trailer

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"After Work Fantasy"

Has a girl ever been so hot that you wish you could double yourself and fuck her two ways at once? Watch the amazing Rodney perform this impressive feat right before very your eyes with the help of his gorgeous assistant, Alice Hodges. She is quite the trained pet--or is Rodney?--because right when she gets home, she slips off her hot, red panties and sits on Rodney's face. Slurping on her puffy, hairy lips makes his dick grow, but stuck under the queening chair, what can he do about it? Enter Rodney 2.0, ready to get his huge cock sucked by the seated beauty. With her hands behind her head, she slobbers on his meat and licks his balls. Next, she's on all fours, looking back at Rodney, and waiting for him to put it inside. He wants to feel that tight, hairy pussy wrap around his prick too. So, he rubs his manhood all over fuzzy slit and legs before slowly penetrating her. She pushes back into him, and her pale ass cheeks ripple from all the ramming. She moans with each thrust, until he spins her around and makes her suck all her pussy juices off his cock. This scene is packed with enough face fucking, pussy eating, cock sucking, and rim jobbing to please the dirtiest of perverts out there. Sit back and enjoy the show! You'll especially love the ending, when Rodney shoots one of his famous jizz blasts onto a black plate, and sweet little kitty Alice laps up every last drop of white creamy goodness with her Goddess tongue.

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