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"New Date Rule All Girls Drool"

Alluring and hirsute Alice Hodges is trying to have a phone conversation with one of her girlfriends, but housekeeper Rodney is being so loud with the vacuum. She ask him take a break so she can talk to her bestie about this stupid "third date rule" that guys seem to be having lately. Alice definitely doesn't put out that soon for a guy! In fact, she doesn't do anything with a guy, unless she's really into him. That's why it's such a surprise when this hairy princess doesn't even flinch when Rodney pulls his dick out and puts it in her face. Still on the phone, she eagerly sucks his shaft and licks his balls. He quickly slips her out of her blue dress, and then fucks her face long and hard. You would swear that whoever is on the other end of the line can hear the sound of his cock hitting the back of her throat. Next, he sternly tells her to hang up and starts nibbling on her big aureolas and pierced nipples. He spreads her legs and kisses his way from her tiny waist down to her furry bush. She bucks her hips so widely into him that he has to restrain her thighs wide open with a leather sling. She moans and closes her eyes as he squeezes her large breasts while still eating her out. Up close, her holes are covered with fur and slobber, and she drops to her knees to blow Rodney some more. She licks his nuts with drool pouring out her mouth and running down her chin. She keeps her hands down by her sides while he penetrates her face hole between his legs. She slides up for a little titty fucking, and then they take turns eating each others' asses. Alice continues to flick her fuzzy clit while sucking off Rodney, until he shoots a huge white stream of gooey spunk all over her librarian glasses.

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