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Alice, Simone, Skylar Trailer

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"Hair for The Job"

Simone Delilah and Alice Hodges are both applying to be a personal assistant for Ms. Skylar Rose. For this position, all applicants are required to be all natural…in other words, completely unshaven. Hairy legs, hairy armpits, and, of course, hairy pussies are a must. So, for the first part of the interview, Ms. Rose inspects each of the girls' bodies to make sure they are up to her standards. First, she demands that little Alice cum closer and strip for her. She rubs her soft hands all Alice's pale body, caressing every single patch of hair. Next, she is on to her second interviewee, hirsute Simone. But before they know it, both applicants are on their knees and, literally, kissing Ms. Rose's ass. They turn out to be quite the pair of brown nosers, each getting their tongues further and further up her hairy crack and into her tight asshole. But, uh oh, they've already made a mistake already! Alice left her clothes on the floor like a very naughty girl. So, Ms. Rose has them bend over against the wall so she can discipline them properly with a paddle. Then she has both girls wash her feet with their mouths. Girls suck on her nipples while she takes a ride on her "special office chair." Next, Ms. Rose makes Alice fuck Simone with a strap on. After begging for permission to cum, Simone yells out, "Thank you, Ms. Rose! " over and over again. Simone sucks all her pussy juice off of the toy cock. Finally, with the assistance of the Joyrider, sweet Alice bounces up and down on Ms. Rose's face and dildo cock. Alice begs permission to cum, and when she gets permission, her body explodes in a hot orgasm. Needless to say, both of these horny, hairy girls got the job!

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