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Simone Delilah Trailer

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"Hairy Girls Love Cock"

Sexy and hirsute Simone Delilah has invited Rodney on her show "Hairy Girl Lovers," for obvious reasons! But he's not there just to tell the viewers how much he loves hairy pussy--he's going to show them! He starts out by rubbing her hairy legs and sniffing Simone's smelly skirt. She shows him how's she started to let her nipple hair grow out, but Rodney goes straight for what he really wants--that fuzzy snatch! He tickles her fur covered clit with the tip of his tongue before burying it deep inside her tight, wet hole. She grabs the back of his head to pull him in tighter while she grinds her bush into his mouth. After eating her out, Rodney pulls out his hard cock, and Simone drops to her knees. She sucks his dick and licks his balls with such enthusiasm and skill, you would think the show was called "Hairy Girls Love Cock!" Simone fingers her unshaven slit while still gagging on Rodney's swollen member, until he shoots a huge load of creamy, white spunk all over beautiful face.

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