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"Hairy Housekeeper"

Rodney's house is in need of some serious housekeeping , so he calls over Olivia from Hairy Housekeeping to clean the place up for him. Once there, she explains the pricing for lingerie or full nude housekeeping. Rodney decides to start out with lingerie, so Olivia changes into some sexy lingerie that barely covers her hirsute body, before she stars to clean. Rodney can't help but pull out his big cock and start stroking it. He's so turned on he decides to upgrade to the totally nude option. But when he gets an eyeful of Olivia's hot hairy body, he can't keep his hands to himself. Despite her "no touching" policy, Olivia finds herself feeling sorry for Rodney. And her boyfriend just broke up with her so she really misses sucking cock. So she takes Rodney's big schlong deep down her throat. She licks his balls while fingering her own hairy pussy. Rodney returns the favor and buries his face in her enormous bush. After chowing on her fur-pie for a while, she goes back to slurping and sucking on his dick. Rodney gushes tons of hot, sticky cream across her lips. Now she's got another huge mess to clean up.

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