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Katie & Simone Trailer

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"Bushy Bedmates"

Hairy cutie Simone has broken up with her boyfriend and needs a place to crash for a few nights. Luckily her friend has a spare bed she can use until she sorts thing out. The only problem is, she has to share the bed with another hairy cutie-pie Katie Zucchini. At first the girls can't seem to get the right position to sleep and keep warm. But then Simone, suggests they spoon and that's where the fun begins. Soon, Simone is gently kissing Katie who giggles with delight. Before long the girls are nibbling on each others tits. They take a moment to admire each others' hot, hairy bodies. Simone buries her face in Katie's massive bush. She tongue fucks her hairy pussy and Katie returns the favor. There's even more fun in store when Katie busts out her favorite strap on. Simone dons the toy then bangs Katie's hairy hole hard. When she's done with that, she slides on top and rubs her fur covered clit against Katie's as the two hairy beauties finally satisfy their desires with some sexy scissor action.

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