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Sunshine Trailer

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"Too Hairy To Hire"

Sunshine is at Rodney's studio to do some swimsuit modeling. She looks stunning in the suit but there's a small problem, she's completely hairy. Her legs are covered in fur, her armpits are hairy and her pubes are poking out from the sides of the swimsuit. Rodney can't use her for his client. She's so upset that she can't seem to find work as a model. Rodney assures her it's just because she's hairy and needs to shave but she thinks she's just not pretty enough. To prove her wrong, Rodney shows her how hard his cock is getting just looking at her sexy, lean body. He talks her out of the swimsuit and as she strips, he is even more turned on by her super perky nipples and hirsute body. He wants to rub the tip of his cock on her soft bush but when he does, his dick slips right in. He bangs her hairy pussy good then buries his face in her bush. She lowers her fur covered twat onto his dick and rides it hard. After lots more hot and hairy action, he finally he coats her hairy bush with cream.

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