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Felix & Mahonia Trailer

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"F-stop for Furry Pussy"

Mahonia is taking some pics of super hot, hairy model Felix Weatherwood. Mahonia's getting turned on watching the sultry Felix strip down naked showing off her incredible hirsute body. She admits to Felix that she really wants to bury her face deep down in her furry bush but Felix wants to keep it professional. Mahonia continues the photo shoot, taking photos of Felix pleasuring herself with a dildo. When the shoot is done, Felix goes to wash up leaving Mahonia to examine her pics. Mahonia is so horny and that dildo is just sitting there taunting her. She sucks Felix's pussy juice off of it then shoves it up her own hairy snatch. She's right in the middle of masturbating when Felix comes out of the bathroom, shocked at what is going on. Mahonia begs Felix to let her lick her pussy explaining that she just has to taste her pussy juice. Eventually Felix relents and lets Mahonia please her pussy with the toy. The girls take of their clothes and things really start to get kinky. Mahonia licks Felix's pussy and ass. Felix, in return, chows down on Mahonia's sweet bush. They pleasure each others' hairy pussies with the dildo and with their fingers. Mahonia teases Felix's butt hole then crams her fingers into both orifices. Finally the girls start scissoring each other until their both fully satisfied.

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