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Felix Weatherwood Trailer

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"Hairy Office Stripper"

So you like hairy girls do you? How about having sexy stripper Felix Weatherwood dance at your next office party. She's at your desk to give you a preview of what to expect in her hot and hairy show. She shows off her thick luscious leg hair. Then she sits in your office chair, legs spread wide, and starts playing with her massive bush. Your co-workers probably haven't seen a girl quite as hairy as Felix. Her strip-tease heats up when she wiggles her cute tush for you letting her long brown hair cascade down her hairy ass. And then, when you tell her all she has to do to get hired is let you lick her hairy pussy, she's eager to let you go down on her. But then the "show" gets really hot when she pulls out her big dildo and shoves it up her hairy wet pussy. She rams it up her hole while massaging her fur covered clit. You get to watch her play with herself until her whole body shakes with pleasure.

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