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I'm very excited to announce a brand new section on my site of Vintage VHS Amateur scenes. I started shooting in January of 1992 on a then state of the art VHS camera. I recently found a few boxes of old copies of some of these classic scenes which haven't been available since then. I just put up 4 of them in the new " VINTAGE VHS" Section and they'll be lots more added in the near future. Don't expect anything that looks like modern porn, but these scenes have a RAW AMATEUR quality about them that makes them SPECIAL!



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Cali Haze with Rodney Moore    "Casting Couch Cutie"

Added March 22   JOIN NOW

Rodney's back to his old tricks, working the casting couch with cutie pie (and super naturally busty) gal Cali Haze. She's eager to get into the mainstream acting biz, but of course, Rodney has bigger plans for her, mainly getting his hands on those big luscious mounds, and his big throbbing cock inside her tasty tight snatch. She's a blonde, so Rodney has no problem convincing Cali that the road to stardom starts with his big dick pumping her pretty mouth and tight, wet pussy. Then finishing up with, a nice creamy Rodney Blast all over her face.

Sierra Sky & Rodney     "Club Rules"

Added March 21  

Sierra is sunbathing at a club, relaxing and drinking some wine. Rodney, the waiter, tells her that the club becomes private after 5, but she can stay if she abides by the rules. The first rule is that she has to be topless. The second rule is that she has to be bottomless. The third rule is that Rodney has to be bottomless too. Now he tells her that after 7 the club becomes a Masturbation Club. He demonstrates by stroking his own thick cock. She starts fingering herself and soon the waiter is offering her a free fat cock in her mouth. She sucks his monster meat until he's hard and wet, then takes him deep in her tight plump pussy. He fucks her hard and long then gives her a creamy, Rodney Blast on her face and tits.

Zoey Holloway with Bill Bailey    "Tutoring"

Added March 20  JOIN NOW

Bill is having trouble with his college science class. In the midst of a tutoring session with his teacher, Ms. Holloway, Bill daydreams that she is showing him more than just the course material. Back in reality, after realizing Bill doesn't have his money, Ms. Holloway has an idea for payment that keeps Bill after class. Soon Ms. Holloway is getting her swollen clit worked on before she gets a mouthful of hard throbbing cock. Ms. Holloway calls Bill's debit gone when her mouth is filled with sticky creme.

Queeny Love with Rodney Moore    "Nice Kitty"

Classic Movie  Added March 18   JOIN NOW

My new kitty cat Queeny Love is lapping up water from her bowl while I pet her. She returns the favor by fondling my big o'l dicky. After a hot slobbery mouth job, I unload a huge creamy load of man milk into her kitty dish, and she laps up the goo.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Karla DelaCucchi & Nikki


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is sweet Karla DelaCucchi taking on 3 guys, and the second features sexy Nikki and her dominant boyfriend.

Kristy May with Rodney Moore    "Kristy Cream"

Added March 15   JOIN NOW

When Rodney takes a break from working to pee, there is a sexy, young woman waiting on the toilet to suck his dick! Kristy looks up at him with her pretty brown eyes as she slobbers all over his huge schlong. Then, when he takes another break, the same mysterious girl is crouching on her knees in the corner of the room. She gives him some more sloppy head as he blows off work! And when it's time for lunch, Rodney's got just the perfect thing to snack on…Kristy's footsies! He sucks and licks her toes before she gets back to blowing his big meat stick. For dessert, Rodney showers Kristy with a huge load of sticky white cream all over her face.

Kati Summers & Ayana Vain with Barry Scott    "Cum Kiss in the Kitchen"

Added March 13   JOIN NOW

Kati and Ayana have just finished a delicious meal when they realize that neither of them have any money on them. They make a deal with their waiter to do some dishes instead, but when they get him in the kitchen they reveal their true intentions. Both girls strip down and tell him that they would rather taste his throbbing cock than do dishes. He whips it out and they both take turns sucking and throating his hard dick. Then he squirts his sticky seed in Ayana's mouth and she shares the creamy load with Kati.

Dominica Leoni with Rodney Moore    "Panty Girl"

Classic Movie  Added March 11   JOIN NOW

Sexy, delivery girl Dominica Leoni delivers the panties that Rodney ordered but, they're useless to him now because, his girlfriend broke up with him. So he has no one to give them to. Dominica feels kinda sorry for him so, when Rodney asks her if she'll be kind enough to model them for him, she says okay. Little did she know, that was all Rodney needed to hear because, before you know it, the panties are off and his big penis is in her mouth. She sucks and drools all over his fat cock, at then lets him stuff it deep inside of her tight, wet pussy. Then Rodney thanks her by filling her mouth with a creamy Rodney Blast to swallow!

Lux Adara with Rodney Moore    "Getting Revenge On Cheaters"

Added March 08   JOIN NOW

Lux Adara is on Rodney's show "Getting Revenge On Cheaters" because she found out that her boyfriend has cheated on her. He loves blow-jobs so much that when Lux was recovering from having her tonsils taken out he couldn't wait for her to heal and got caught getting a blow-job from another girl. The boyfriend is so embarrassed that he covers his head with a brown paper bag! Someone who would do that to the beautiful Lux deserves to be punished and Rodney is more than willing to help. Revenge is sweet and in Lux's case starts off with making out and only gets better. She has her boyfriend hold her pigtails back as she gives Rodney a super-drooly blow-job. To help her out even more, Rodney fucks Lux and when he fucks her from behind she uses her boyfriend for balance. Revenge is complete when Lux gets a creamy, Rodney Blast to her face!

Nicki Hunter & Rylie Richman with Mark Zane    "Revolutionary Technique"

Added March 06  JOIN NOW

Rylie is at the doctor's office with the support of her friend Nicki to get more info about getting breast implants. From the first interaction Dr.Dover proves to be different. He knows its important to have the tits and the pussy match. Before you know it both girls are naked and participating in the doctors tests. Only after sucking his dick then getting fucked and taking a big, hot load will Nicki and Rylie know if Rylie is ready for bigger boobs.

Caroline Pierce with Rodney Moore    "Prom Day"

Classic Movie  Added March 04   JOIN NOW

Caroline is out picking flowers in the woods in a "college" prom dress. When I ask her to have sex on a rock, she of course says yes. After many interesting (and painful) positions, she swallows a big, creamy Rodney Blast.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Crystal Wilder & Stevie


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is busty Crystal Wilder in a twist on the pizza delivery storyline. The second is cute Stevie showing off sexy lingerie before doing Rodney!

Emmy Demure & Rodney     "Goo The Extra Mile"

Added March 01   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Emmy has stopped by Rodney's new Sex Toy Company to apply for a sales job. Rodney explains what the job is all about while showing her the toys they sale. He also tells her that the company is tops in the market because, the last sales girl was willing to "go the extra mile" and demonstrated the toys to close the sale, and that's what he is looking for. Emmy promises him that she's the right person for the job but, Rodney needs to be sure so, he has her demonstrate the toys for him. She starts out by deepthroating a dildo and sliding it in and out of her wet pussy. Then Rodney joins in and, shows how to demonstrate some fetish gear by strapping his face into her ass in and eating her out from behind. Now it's time to see if she'll really go the extra mile so, he pulls out his big dick and proceeds to give her a good old fashioned face fucking before squirting his hot, sticky goo all over her pretty mouth.

Victoria Lawson with Barry Scott & Will Powers    "Two Cocks For Victoria"

Added February 27  JOIN NOW

Victoria and Barry go out to dinner and are seated by a drunk guy who doesn't look like he's doing too well. When the man takes out his cock and starts jerking off, Barry goes to get the manager while Victoria eyes his big dick. She goes over to tell him to stop but soon decides to sample some of that throbbing cock with her mouth. When Barry returns, she's worked up such an appetite for dick that she sucks both men off until they coat her pretty face with their thick goo.

Ashley Brooks with Rodney Moore    "Revenge"

Classic Movie  Added February 25   JOIN NOW

Ashley finds out her husband's been cheating on her, so she kicks him out and vows to get revenge by fucking the first guy she sees. So she puts on a slut dress and heads out the door. The first guy she sees is a homeless guy, so she drags him home and gives him one hell of a handout. She even does nasty things with him she never did with her husband. Like taking his big cock deep in her ass, and swallowing all of his hot, creamy goo.

Cherry Torn with Rodney Moore    "Fetish Fridays"

Added February 22   JOIN NOW

Cherry is at work and has a terrible case of the Fridays. The fact that its Fetish Fridays doesn't make focusing on work any easier. When boss Rodney finds Cherry not working his non-traditional management style is revealed. Cherry's punishment is some light whipping to encourage her to get her work before lunch. Because she meets her goal, Rodney provides a hot lunch which is a big tasty cock for Cherry to suck. No meal is complete without dessert so Rodney gives Cherry a creme covered chocolate to enjoy, before sending her back to her desk.

Bella Blaze with Mark Zane    "Persuasion"

Added February 20  JOIN NOW

Bella needs a job but Mark doesn't have any openings for dancers, unless they are really, really good. She gets up on stage and shows him her big tits. He loves her big, natural boobs but still isn't sure. To persuade him that she's the girl for him, she takes out his cock and starts sucking. After some great messy head, Mark eats her pussy, then fucks her hard (including those big tits) and finally dumps his sticky cum all over her huge rack. But does that mean she's hired?

Allison Kilgore with Rodney Moore    "New Boobs"

Classic Movie  Added February 18   JOIN NOW

Allison comes over to show me her new boobs. Hmm, they do seem bigger! So, I check them out thoroughly, with my eyes, my lips and my big, throbbing dick. Of course, she can't leave before taking a big, creamy Rodney Blast all over her pretty face.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Monique Perri & Misty Lyn


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is beautiful MILF Monique Perri, in her first scene with me, with more to follow. The second is another great MIsty Lyn scene, this time she gets in the shower then swallows her friend's Quinten's cum twice!

Camilla Rhodes & Rodney     "Nookie Negootiator"

Added February 15   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy Camilla Rhodes stops by Rodney's place to buy 4 classic vinyl albums for her boss. As she looks over the albums, she notices that they're in pretty bad shape so, she offers him 20% of his asking price. Rodney decides to cut her a deal, if she'll lift up her skirt and let him see her gorgeous thighs, he'll lower the price. At first Camilla is shocked but, then she figures if she can get a good deal it'll make her boss happy. She agrees and lifts up her skirt to show Rodney her hot legs. When she does, he just can't control himself so, he whips out his throbbing dick and proceeds to rub one out. Camilla is shocked and threatens to leave if, he doesn't holster his hog. Rodney thinking fast so he won't lose the sale or his erection, tells Camilla that he has two rare albums that her boss would surely want, but he doesn't want money for them. Instead he'll trade the albums for her bra and panties. It is a pretty good deal so Camilla agrees, as long as he keeps his big dick in his pants. It seems like a done deal but, Camilla can only pay for the first 4 albums with a check and Rodney only accepts cash. He decides to take the check but, only if she'll let him take a sexy photo of her on the couch, skirt up, and legs akimbo as a guarantee that the check wouldn't bounce. She reluctantly agrees and proceeds to let Rodney snap a couple of pics. Problem is, he just can't resist the sight of her yummy pussy, and he dives in tongue first, hungrily licking and lapping at her pulsing pussy. At first Camille is wracked with guilt but, it quickly gives way to waves of pleasure as she spreds wide to let Rodney thrust his massive appendage deep into her hot vulva. Camille is more than willing to let Rodney slide his throbbing member deep inside her hot pussy from all angles. She also happily slobbers and drools all over his fat cock like a rabid dog. Finally, Rodney unleashes a torrent of hot, creamy goo for her to eagerly swallow to the last drop!

Hayley Cummings with Barry Scott    "The Bet"

Added February 13   JOIN NOW

Barry has to remind big-titted Haley that they had made a bet on the last Super Bowl. A bet that he won. She doesn't recall the bet but she always keeps her word so when Barry whips out his cock, she opens her mouth to give him the sloppy blowjob she promised. He fucks her mouth as well as those big, natural boobs. Then he coats them with his hot, sticky load.

Darla Crane with Rodney Moore    "Darla Does It"

Classic Movie  Added February 11   JOIN NOW

Darla Crane has been doing fetish videos, spanking and bondage, but up until now she's resisted doing XXX video. But when she found out that she could make her porn debut with a huge, gooey Rodney Blast all over her pretty face, how could she resist. So here it is, Darla's XXX debut.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Josalyn & Melissa


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is another great find back then, a super cute "Girl Next Door" type, the lovey Josalyn, who mostly did scenes with her boyfriend Travis, but in this one, she realizes her fantasy of having two black men, Don and Wolf Savage. The second is a breast milk fantasy scene with pretty Melissa, who in addition to having really perky breasts full of milk, has a nice round bubble but and a thick hairy pussy which I get to fuck.

Anastasia Rose with Rodney Moore    "I Wanna Make Porn Movies"

Added February 08   JOIN NOW

Sexy and petite Anastasia Rose cums to Rodney's porn company to interview for the front desk. But why be a secretary when she could be a porn star? So on her first day at work, she dresses in a slutty outfit and begs Rodney to give her a chance to fuck on screen. So, he shows her the ropes on how to suck huge cock and put toys up her ass. But, if she really wants to make it big, she should try anal sex (for the very first time) with him! So with her legs spread wide, and her pink pussy poking out, Rodney shoves his monster cock into her tiny asshole. She moans with pleasure as he pounds her balls deep, and then with her ass up in the air, he munches on her ass crack. Then, to show she's got what it takes for porn stardom, Anastasia rims Rodney's man cave and jerks his big schlong at the same time. Finally, after a little more fucking and sucking, Rodney straddles her soft, perky tits and paints her pretty face with goo.

Beverly Paige & Rodney     "Boobs Too Big"

Added February 07  

Beverly can't get a job as a bikini model because no one makes a bra big enough for her stupendous appendages, which are 100% natural. But Rodney claims he has one to fit her and can give her work. But Rodney has his own problem. Anytime he sees a pair of jugs bigger than GG (her's are HH), he can't help jerking off on the spot. She thinks he's a jerk for whipping it out, but soon she's happy to provide a nice warm home for his big fat cock between her huge boobs, her soft mouth and her tight wet pussy.

Kim Kennedy & Kylee Reese with Alan Stafford    "2 Ounces to Go"

Added February 06   JOIN NOW

Alan is desperate to lose 2 ounces before the big competition tomorrow but after working out at the Gym, he just can't seem to drop that final bit of body weight. The only thing he can hope for is for some pretty girl (or two) to blow him, in hopes that maybe his big load is enough to balance the scales. Kylee and Kim seem interested in helping him. With plenty of drool, they chow down on his meat, sucking him hard and deep. He then cums in Kylee's mouth and she shares the load with Kim. They both swallow every drop of his hot, tasty seed.

Oasis with Rodney Moore    "Wild Party"

Classic Movie  Added February 04   JOIN NOW

NOTE FROM RODNEY: This scene was shot in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE!! There are no cuts, no editing. I turned the camera on when I got out of the elevator and didn't turn it off until the scene was done, and nothing was cut out!! Out in Atlantic City at the East Coast Video show, I ran into Oasis, who is a swinger with her own web site (cum2oasis.com) who enjoys having sex parties. She invited me to a party she was having at her hotel. When I got there, she took me into a room then proceeded to give me a wild BJ. I hadn't cum in about 10 days, so she got a huge Rodney Blast all over her face. Then I paraded her into the living room where all the guys at the party could see her face covered in sperm. They all applauded, even the guy who just happened to be getting a BJ from Vixen, another wild party girl.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Crystal & Gabrielle


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is the well known Rodney classic, "Back Street Beach Babe," where I find the lovely and cute Crystal sunbathing on the beach. I talk her into doing a scene with my friend Curtis, and while on the way to his house, she sucks on and inserts a dildo in the back seat. Then she sucks and fucks Curtis. The second is a typical Interview/Audition type scene with lovely Latina Gabrielle, who lets me fuck her and takes one of the first massive Rodney Blasts.

Alex Chance with Rodney Moore    "Massaging the Mammories"

Added February 01   JOIN NOW

Rodney runs into Alex Chance, the happily married super naturally busty babe he got to blow him when he sold her his exercise bike. Seems the exercising has paid off, and both her and her husband have lost a lot of weight. Rodney offers to sell her is massage chair, but she's hesitant to come over because she doesn't want to get into trouble again. But he promises her that his new massage therapist girlfriend takes care of all his needs, so he needs neither the chair nor her hot body. But while she checks out the chair at his place, his girlfriend calls and breaks up with him. Now he's faced with a sexless future, so he again tries and of course succeeds in getting Alex to blow him. But this time, he fucks her beautiful pussy too. NOTE- Parts of this scene feature Rodney's new "PENIS CAM."

Melissa Matthews & Amber Swift with Chris Johnson    "Experience Counts"

Added January 30   JOIN NOW

Melissa and Amber are experienced cocksuckers. When Bank Teller Chris asks them to prove it, they come back around the counter and proceed to swallow his meat in turn. Together they slurp, suck and drool over his hard cock and balls until he unloads his hot spunk into both their mouths. Turns out, their experienced Swallowers as well.

Allysin Embers with Rodney Moore    "Foot Hooker"

Classic Movie  Added January 28   JOIN NOW

Allysin Embers is a very nasty big boobed blonde. On a walk, I find her on Hooker Alley, but she's willing to cum with me without a car, and does some very nasty things with me, including sticking her tongue up my butt. She takes a Rodney Blast on her face.

Brandy Aniston & Kaci Starr with Rodney Moore    "Late for Sodomy"

Added January 25   JOIN NOW

Kaci wants to be in the Sodomizer, but she's late for her appointment with Rodney. Too late, says, his assistant Brandy, he's left. So Kaci asks if Brandy can sodomizer her. Do I look like a trans-girl, she asks, but Kaci means for her to fuck her in her ass with the huge dildo she has in her purse. When Rodney finally gets back, her ass is pretty reamed out, so he settles for a double blowjob and some fine cum sharing.

Shelbie Layne with Chris Johnson & Eric Swiss    "Court Cock"

Added January 23   JOIN NOW

Shelbie is back in court because she can't seem to control her urges. The judge is growing tired of her antics until Shelbie decides to use her lawyer to show the judge what she is willing to do to have all charges dropped. Within moments Sheblie is naked and has two fat cocks in deep her mouth. After getting a Monster Facial it becomes clear the judge was willing to let her get off only after he had gotten off.

Nadia with Rodney Moore    "Hooker Alley in Seattle"

Classic Movie  Added January 21   JOIN NOW

Rodney finds sexy Nadia wandering an alley in Seattle. He picks her up in his car and takes her for a ride. On the way to his place, she pulls up her red dress and starts playing with her pierced pussy. Then, at Rodney's apartment, she sucks on his big, meaty rod. She licks the tip with her tongue ring and even chows down on his asshole. He takes a turn eating out her hairless pussy, and then fucks her tight, wet snatch. She even lets him fuck her in the butt! He jackhammers her ass until he's about to cum, then he shoots a humongous load of creme all over her pink lips.

Vicki Vixen with Rodney Moore    "T & A Transfer"

Added January 18   JOIN NOW

Rodney's selling off his foot fetish posters because he has a really extreme problem. When he sees a girl in public wearing heels, and start jerking off compulsively. So sexy blonde Vicki Vixen has cum to his apartment to buy the art for her boyfriend! But, looks like she is into having her feet worshipped and licked too! She seduces Rodney by showing off her ample bosom and shaved pussy, and he can't help but give her a good licking! He fucks her from behind while her big booty shakes. Then, she sucks him off and rides his big cock cowgirl style. At last, he shoots a huge load of cum into her mouth, and she spits it all over her large breasts. What a dirty girl!

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Step Dad's Home Gym Goo"

Added January 17   TRAILER

When sexy BBW Amy Villainous cums over to Step Dad Rodney's to work out at his home gym, she gets some bad news. Her boyfriend cheated on her! So, she's going to get revenge by sucking and fucking the first guy she sees. Lucky Rodney happens to be exercising at the same time, so she immediately pulls down his shorts and starts blowing him on the pull up bar! Then, she bends over the weight bench and lets him fuck her tight, wet pussy from behind. Her huge ass shake as he spanks and pounds her with his big dick. Next, he punishes his misbehaving Step Daughter by giving her a spanking. Her gigantic knockers ripple and she whimpers with each lash. Finally, he rewards his slutty princess by straddling her chubby belly and shooting a monster load of goo onto her tongue and tits.

Darcy Tyler with Chris Johnson    "Office Skill"

Added January 16   JOIN NOW

Darcy bursts into Chris' office and asks for a job as his secretary. After conducting an on the spot interview it becomes clear that Darcy is in no way qualified for the job. There is one skill she does possess that is her only chance of getting the job, giving wet, blow-jobs. Chris has all of his calls held and Darcy is given the opportunity to prove herself. Watch to see if she gets the gooey job.

Tatiana with Rodney Moore    "Interview"

Classic Movie  Added January 14   JOIN NOW

Cutie pie Tatiana stops by Rodney's studio for an interview. Turns out there's also an oral exam so Tatiana ends up doing her first sex scene. Which includes some hot, deep throat drooling, some hard pussy pounding and a huge gooey Rodney Blast at the end.

Tigra with Rodney Moore    "Something's Fishy"

Classic Scene  Added January 13   JOIN NOW

Rodney finds Tigra sunbathing on the Malibu beach. He offers to buy her dinner, so they go to his favorite seafood restaurant on PCH, and now she feels obligated to go back with him to his apartment and suck and fuck his brains out. She gets a big dessert, a nice Rodney Blast!

Kristy Snow with Rodney Moore    "He'll Never Know"

Added January 11   JOIN NOW

Kristy Snow has absolutely luscious natural breasts. So much so that Rodney can't resist trying to talk her into doing a scene with him, even though she's applying for a personal assistant position. But actually, she really wants to do a porn movie, it's just that she's loyal to her fiance, who will leave her if she's unfaithful. So that there's no evidence, Rodney talks her into doing a "private video" with him. He's in absolute heaven with those wonderful melons, and his fat cock in her mouth and pussy isn't bad either. After many hot positions, he shoots a Rodney Blast on those great hooters, and she licks the sperm off of them.

Krystal Jordan with Sascha & Barry Scott    " Auto Showoff "

Added January 09   JOIN NOW

Krystal has been hired to lure potential customers into her boss's booth at the auto show. He yells at her when she lets a customer walk away. Not wanting to get fired, she decides to use every trick to get customers to stay. Even if it means offering a customer a sloppy blowjob. Sascha is the lucky customer to be on the receiving end. Her boss is so pleased at her exuberance that he joins in with his big cock. They both squirt hot cum all over her face.

Dorian Grant with Rodney Moore    "Dorian Chained"

Classic Scene  Added January 07   JOIN NOW

Big busted vixen Dorian Grant is at Rodney's studio modeling some hot fetish gear. Sure Rodney is a highly skilled and trained professional but, the sight of Dorian and her big bouncy boobs makes him super horny. Before you know it, Dorian is wearing a dog collar, on her knees and, drooling all over Rodney's big dong like a hungry horn dog. She sucks and slobbers until Rodney squirts his thick, hot goo all over her sweet face.

Kimberly Kane with Rodney Moore    "The New Neighbor Is A Dirty Cheater"

Added January 04   JOIN NOW

Kimberly Kane and her husband have just moved into their new apartment and have noticed a popping sound coming from next door. On her lunch break, she knocks on Rodney's door, who explains the sound she's hearing is his strobes flashing when he shoot his models. He takes a few photos of her to show her the sound, and noticing that she's pretty hot, offers as a sort of "Welcome Wagon" gift, to take some boudoir photos of her for her husband's enjoyment. After he gets her almost naked, he asks her if she's a swinger, hoping to get a shot at her luscious body. But she confesses that she's a dirty cheater, and fucks just about everyone who appeals to her, including her entire office. When Rodney asks her if she's ever fucked a neighbor before, well, what do you think? Of course, she's more than willing to get down and slobber all over Rodney's big cock and wrap her big pussy lips around it. Rodney is so turned on by this hot babe that he a.) brings out from mothballs the old "Joy Rider" and b.) shoots the BIGGEST RODNEY BLAST in years all over her glasses and face. Even she's amazed!!

Karla Lane & Rodney     "Big & Juicy Boudoir Booty"

Added January 03   TRAILER

Sexy and bubbly BBW starlet Karla Lane cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her husband on their one year wedding anniversary. She slips into a revealing blue negligee that shows off her curvy assets. He's a butt guy, so she is sure to shake her bountiful rump for Rodney has he records. When she starts playing with her dirty panties, Rodney can't help but start rubbing on his growing cock. She begs to get fucked, and he can't resist. He whips out his cock and rubs it against her fat pussy from behind, but she gets upset. It's not his fault she was so convincing! After a couple more "slip ups," Karla gives in and let's Rodney "slip in." He pounds her fat twat from behind before she sucks and deep throats his huge cock, even licking his balls at the same time! She gets super messy and drool leaks all over her humongous jugs. Her ass shakes as he fucks her sweet face, only stopping to penetrate her sopping wet pussy. Finally, Karla eats Rodney's asshole a for a few rounds before she sucking and swallowing every drop of his gigantic load.

Evie Delatosso with Mark Zane & James Franko    "Bank Suck"

Added January 02   JOIN NOW

Evie is a sexy Bank Teller and when a man, pretending to have a gun in his pants, tries to rob the bank, the security guard goes to intervene. When the gun turns out to be his hard throbbing cock, Evie steps up. "I can handle this," she says, and then proceeds to take that loaded cock into her mouth. She sucks not only him, but the security guard as well, until they both blow their creamy loads on her pretty face.

Mariah with Rodney Moore    "Drool Mariah"

Classic Scene  Added December 31   JOIN NOW

Mariah sure is pretty, and she looks even better slobbering and drooling up a storm on Rodney's huge rod. She gives him a wild ride in her hot, wet pussy till he paints her lovely face with a big, creamy load of hot goo.

Marley Mason with Rodney Moore    "Anniversary Slut"

Added December 28   JOIN NOW

Marley comes to Rodney's Photos Studio to take some risque photos for her husband for their anniversary. She brought some cute outfits and tries one on. She didn't realize how revealing it would be - even her pubes are poking out! Rodney has her doing some kinky poses, which starts to excite her. When Rodney's cock comes out, she takes a taste test. Soon she's sucking his balls too. It looks like Marley is letting her Secret Slut side out, because now she's got her legs up in the air and Rodney's big cock deep inside her. They fuck on the couch, they fuck on the floor. She rides him hard. Then finally, he fills her mouth with his cum.

Brooke Scott with Jack Fountain & Tommy Hunt    " Payback is a Bitch "

Added December 26   JOIN NOW

Brooke Scott is promoted to Vice President over her rivals Jack Fountain and Tommy Hunt. To pay them back for their sexist remarks and to show them who's boss, she makes them her Personal Sex Assistants. First she has them get naked and rub her feet. Then she wants to see them jerk their cocks. Once hard, she makes them let her suck their throbbing cocks. It seems she has a real taste for cock. She sucks and drools on their turgid meat sticks until they both cum on her face.

Melissa with Rodney Moore    "Sexy Sweeper"

Classic Scene  Added December 24   JOIN NOW

Rodney is out for his daily stroll when he stumbles on Melissa, a tall, slender Seattle girl, sweeping the alley. While chatting it up a bit, Melissa tells him that she barely gets paid for the job so, Rodney offers her a job as a maid cleaning his apartment. Once there he gives her the official maid outfit to wear and has her model it to make sure it fits. The place is messy but, it turns out his big dick is even messier. So she drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock and licking his balls to clean all the mess out. When that doesn't work Rodney takes over and gives her a good licking before fucking her wet little pussy. And it works because soon he's pumping a hot, messy Rodney Blast all over her face to clean.

Zoey Holloway with Rodney Moore    "Doctor MILF"

Added December 21   JOIN NOW

At the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic, Doctor Holloway talks with Rodney about Chronic Masturbation, but it's hard to do when he's stroking his cock in front of her. He tries to cover her sexy legs, but it's no use. She's just too damn hot. If he can just get off, then maybe she'll have a chance at curing him. The best thing to do is to make him cum, so she takes his big hard cock deep inside her wet snatch. He fucks her hard and she's loving it. When he finally covers her face with his thick creamy goo, it's time to start the traditional therapy.

Amber & Samantha with Jack Fountain, Jack Vegas & Brad Hardy    "Little Titty"

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In the Diner, Little Titty is hot for the cute blonde waitress. After getting her to suck tongue with her, she gets crazed, grabs her boyfriend's gun and demands the two dudes at the bar strip down so she can suck their hard cocks. The shy waitress joins in on the sucking and drooling and after the two dudes squirt their loads, the girls swap the hot, sticky goo.

Regan Starr with Rodney Moore    "Dance"

Classic Scene  Added December 17   JOIN NOW

Sex kitten, Regan Starr dances seductively as Rodney looks on. She begins slowly stripping and then gets down on her knees and sucks his thick cock deep into her throat till it's soaking wet with her saliva. Then Rodney takes over and pumps her mouth hard until he explodes and soaks her face with his hot, creamy seed.

Whitney Wright & Rodney     "Boudoir Shoot Goo"

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Beautiful girl next door Whitney Wright cums to Rodney to shoot a boudoir video for her fiancee's birthday. But she is so seductive and horny for cock in the video, Rodney can't help but pull out his hard dick. His engorged member turns her on even more, and she can't resist sucking on it. He fucks her sweet face while she plays with his balls and drools all over her sexy tits. Her incredible ass cheeks clap together while she bobs up and down on his meat stick. She even tongues his asshole while jerking him off. Finally, Rodney feeds her a mouthful of hot and sticky cum that she blows bubbles with and swallows.

Claire Dames with Barry Scott    "Just Business"

Added December 12   JOIN NOW

Claire isn't sure she wants her line of cosmetics sold in Barry's Department Store as he comes across to her as a bit "light in the loafers." In order to be sure, she decides to suck his cock and see how her reacts. He seems pretty into it and even fucks her big titties and licks her asshole. She continues to chow down on his meat with a sloppy BJ until Barry turns her around and shoots his load into her ass crack.

Lily with Rodney Moore    "Shy Model"

Classic Scene  Added December 10   JOIN NOW

Lily is a shy girl, but she decides if getting on her knees and sucking the photographers big dick is what it takes to be a model, than that's what she's going to do, right up to the point of getting a big cum blast in the face.

Soona B. Poppin with Rodney Moore    "Big Surprise"

Added December 07   JOIN NOW

Soona comes over to see Rodney for the first time in 8 months and has some shocking news. She's 8 months pregnant. Thinking he's going to be a dad, he passes out. Soona revives him with some fresh milk from her engorged nipples. He wakes up to find out it's not him. Whew! But perv that he is, now he's turned on by her big belly and her tasty titty milk, that he swallows! After finishing his liquid diet, he starts plowing away at her pouty pussy, and soon she's swallowing his hot, gooey man milk too.

Amy Villainous & Rodney     "Busty, Bound and Banged"

Added December 06   TRAILER

Without a word, busty and bound BBW Amy Villainous serves Rodney a drink, and then waits in the corner. Soon, she's tickling his balls with a feather duster that's attached to her mouth in some wild BDSM contraption! Rodney hardly pays his slave girl any attention as she services his huge cock. Instead, he watches RodneyMoore.com porn on his phone! She continues to bathe his nuts with her soft tongue before showing off her humongous titties! Then, Rodney eats her asshole and slide his monster dick into her fat pussy. She pounds her thick ass cheeks back into him doggystyle, and even gives him a foot job. He spanks and fucks Amy to ecstasy until he finally straddles her bonkers big knockers and unloads a gallon of goo onto them.

Charlotte Vale with Bill Bailey & Alan Stafford    "A Hard Bargain"

Added December 05   JOIN NOW

Bill and Alan are at a Strip Club when they see the beautiful Charlotte Vale step out to the pole. After a few moves, they end up with poles of their own. When she goes to leave they want more. With hard cocks, they start throwing down more money. She smiles and says she can give them more, but only if they have big dicks. When they whip them out, she goes to town and starts sucking 'em down. Charlotte deep throats them both and then takes their hot, sticky loads all over her pretty face.

Syren Smiles with Rodney Moore    "Sloppy Roommate"

Classic Scene  Added December 03   JOIN NOW

Syren's room is a sloppy mess. When Rodney it, he immediately insists that she clean it up. Syren has a better idea, and offers to give him a hot, sloppy blow job instead of cleaning her room. It's a tough choice but, Rodney decides to take the blow job. And what a great choice it is because, now after Syren finishes taking his huge cock deep in her throat, he gets to make his own sloppy mess all over her pretty face.

Ivy Rider with Rodney Moore    "Girl Goes Bananas"

Added November 30   JOIN NOW

Ivy Rider is cumming to Dr. Rodney for sex therapy. She loves sex, but she can't give oral. And that problem has caused her to lose a lot of boyfriends. In high school she choked on a banana, and since then she hasn't been able to put a penis--or banana--shaped object in her mouth. So, using a blindfold, Rodney helps her overcum her fear and swallow his huge cock. Then, he fucks her sweet pussy as her thick ass jiggles up and down against his balls. He concludes their session by pounding her doggy style, and creaming all over her face then feeding her his jizz with a spoon.

Harper Leigh with Rodney Moore     "What A Crock! "

Added November 28

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Seattle hottie Harper has bought some sexy clothes and plans to give her boyfriend a night he'll never forget. She just has one more stop to make on her way home. Rodney is selling a Crock Pot and Harper wants it to make her boyfriend a special meal. When he sees her sexy clothes he offers her a deal: Half-off the Crock Pot if she will model her new outfit for him. She agrees and even puts on some fishnets that he gives her. It turns out that not only is Harper hot in her new clothes but she's horny as well and soon, she's sucking Rodney's thick cock and ripping open her new fishnets to take him deep inside her hairy, wet pussy. He fucks her hard, then cums on her pretty face.

Lee with Rodney Moore    "Freeway Flasher"

Classic Scene  Added November 26   JOIN NOW

Lee is flashing passing cars on the 405 freeway. Her friend gets mad and throws her out of the car. Rodney comes to the rescue and she hops in his van and flashes him. He pulls over, pulls it out and puts it in till he squirts a huge, creamy load. Now she can flash her spunk filled face.

Naomie Cruise with Rodney Moore    "Deep, Deep Massage"

Added November 23   JOIN NOW

Sexy Naomie comes to Rodney's for a massage. She wants a Swedish Massage but Rodney tells her about a new German technique that he recently discovered. It starts off with a traditional shoulder massage while she sits in one of his special chairs, wearing nothing but a towel. He then begins his special technique but getting under her and licking her pussy. Then he works the pressure points in her boobs, followed by a tongue massage using nothing but his hard cock. She takes well to this new method, sucking hard and drooling on his big Rod until it's ready for the Deep Vaginal Massage. He fucks her in the chair, then The Rack. Finally, they bang away on the couch until she gets his milky Rodney Blast in her mouth.

Brooke Haven with Jack Vegas    "Play-date"

Added November 21   JOIN NOW

Single Mom Brooke Haven is at home when Jack stops by to pick up her son. Brooke forgot and let her son hang out with friends. Brooke feels bad for forgetting and insists that her and Jack have a play-date of their own. Brooke is a hot mom who can never have enough hard cock! Jack thanks her for the fun times by sharing his creamy cum with Brooke.

Daphne with Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "No Pants Square Dance"

Classic Scene  Added November 19   JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers want to learn how to square dance, so Daphne has cum over to teach them. While she takes Rodney for a swing, he can't help but check out her huge breasts and accidentally steps on her foot. So they take her into the Cumm Brothers Training Ground to examine her "booby"…and booty! Rodney dives face first into her juicy pussy and asshole, then Daphne starts sucking on his fat cock. One's never enough, so Wolf puts his big, black dick in her face too. The guys split roast her pussy and mouth before Rodney shoots his monster load all over her lips. Finally, Wolf fucks her tight asshole and sprays his milky man juice all over her mouth too.

Ivy Marie & Rodney     "Horny Helping Hands"

Added November 16   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy brunette Ivy Marie and Rodney are both waiting to see a doctor when Rodney admits he has a problem with compulsive masturbation. He can't help but whip it out on the couch in front of Ivy, but it turns out she suffers from the same problem! Maybe they can offer each other a helping hand…or mouth! Ivy strips completely naked and starts sucking on Rodney's fat member. She even lets him record their randy romp on his phone! Next, he slides his big dick into her tight and wet pussy from behind. After a good, hard fuck, he straddles her juicy breasts and shoots a milky load of jizz all over her lips.

Violet Monroe with Mark Zane & Barry Scott    "The Right Approach"

Added November 14   JOIN NOW

Barry and Mark spot sexy Violet Monroe sitting by herself, texting. When Barry tries to hit on her, he gets shut down fast. He bets Mark Five Dollars that he can't do any better. Mark goes over, slaps the money on the table and asks her to suck his cock. To Barry's surprise, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking. Mark invites Barry to join them and soon, Violet is sucking and fucking both of their throbbing boners until they coat her pretty face with their hot spunk. I guess it's all in the right approach.

Pamela Dee & Melody Brooks with Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "Goo'in To A Ho'Down"

Classic Scene  Added November 12   JOIN NOW

The Cumm Brothers show up for a square dancing party, hoping to get laid, of course! Ho down leaders Pamela Dee and Cosmo recognize the guys from their porn exploits, and Pamela is turned on instantly! She sucks on Wolf's big, black cock before riding it uncontrollably with her pussy. Melody Brooks joins the party by going down on Rodney's huge uncut dick, while Wolf flips Pamela over and fucks her in the ass. The dudes rail the girls side by side, then they give Melody a double facial. Even Cosmo gets a piece of the action, cumming all over Melody's breasts and stomach. Later, the girls explore each others' hairy bodies. They wake the guys up for yet another sexual romp, with Cosmo pounding Pamela's asshole and shooting his load all over her torso.

Chrissy & Katie St. Ives with Rodney Moore    "Naked Assistant"

Added November 09   JOIN NOW

Rodney is looking for another personal assistant. Chrissy is being interviewed by Katie who lets her know that the position is quite involved. After sending a naked picture to Rodney wants to meet the potential assistant. When he does both girls are topless and ready to assist Rodney's cock with their mouths. Two girls are better than one as they take turns giving a sloppy blowjobs and getting titty fucked. Chrissy is a good fit and it is clear the girls make a good team when they share swallowing a Rodney Blast.

Alisha Adams with Rodney Moore    "Paint & Plow"

Added November 07   JOIN NOW

Sexy brunette Alisha Adams is waiting for a painter to show up and is informed by a friend that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. She's shocked and mad which will work out in painter Rodney's favor. She opens the door dressed in skimpy lingerie and before Rodney can finish the estimate Alisha has dropped her panties and drops to her knees. She starts by filling her mouth with Rodney's cock but quickly moves on to the ultimate revenge by filling her wet pink pussy with his big cock. Alisha finished her revenge session with a toast her boyfriend which she swallows every last drop of a creamy, Rodney Blast!

Harletta & Marilyn with Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore    "Naked Camera Cum Cuties"

Classic Scene  Added November 05   JOIN NOW

Biker chick Harletta has cum over to Rodney's place to audition as a videographer, but he failed to mention to her the job would be for x-rated videos! Somehow, he convinces her to run the camera naked…well, except for her boots. Wolf shows up with the blonde and sexy Marilyn, and she wants to make a video with the Cumm Brothers! Happy to oblige, Rodney pounds Marilyn's puckered pussy from behind while she swallows Wolf's big, black dick. Then, she rims Rodney's asshole while Wolf gets his turn fucking her in the butt. Finally, the guys shoot their loads all over her face, one after the other, until she is covered in a thick, cummy paste. But they're not finished! She is so turned on from capturing the romp on tape, Harletta can't help but get choked and poked by the Cumm Brothers too. Wolf shoots his seed all over hairy pussy, while Rodney gives her his classic "facial" treatment.

Tessa & Rodney     "Kinky Underwear Model"

Added November 02   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Tiny Tessa is as cute as a button, and she's cum to Rodney to do some lingerie modeling. Of course, he encourages her to take things a step further and try posing for some nude photos! She agrees to try something a little kinkier, but before she knows it, she's on her knees and sucking Rodney's big dick. He bobs her petite head up and down on his cock and licks his nutssomethings she's never done with her husband! She makes love to his balls with her mouth and tongue, then she works her way down his perineum to his asshole. Rodney returns the favor by licking her fuzzy pussy lips, clit and butt! For her final "first," Tessa receives a monster load of cum all over her nose, lips, and tongue!

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