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Rodney Moore February 2019 Updates

Victoria Lawson with Barry Scott & Will Powers    "Two Cocks For Victoria"

Added February 27  JOIN NOW

Victoria and Barry go out to dinner and are seated by a drunk guy who doesn't look like he's doing too well. When the man takes out his cock and starts jerking off, Barry goes to get the manager while Victoria eyes his big dick. She goes over to tell him to stop but soon decides to sample some of that throbbing cock with her mouth. When Barry returns, she's worked up such an appetite for dick that she sucks both men off until they coat her pretty face with their thick goo.

Ashley Brooks with Rodney Moore    "Revenge"

Classic Movie  Added February 25   JOIN NOW

Ashley finds out her husband's been cheating on her, so she kicks him out and vows to get revenge by fucking the first guy she sees. So she puts on a slut dress and heads out the door. The first guy she sees is a homeless guy, so she drags him home and gives him one hell of a handout. She even does nasty things with him she never did with her husband. Like taking his big cock deep in her ass, and swallowing all of his hot, creamy goo.

Cherry Torn with Rodney Moore    "Fetish Fridays"

Added February 22   JOIN NOW

Cherry is at work and has a terrible case of the Fridays. The fact that its Fetish Fridays doesn't make focusing on work any easier. When boss Rodney finds Cherry not working his non-traditional management style is revealed. Cherry's punishment is some light whipping to encourage her to get her work before lunch. Because she meets her goal, Rodney provides a hot lunch which is a big tasty cock for Cherry to suck. No meal is complete without dessert so Rodney gives Cherry a creme covered chocolate to enjoy, before sending her back to her desk.

Bella Blaze with Mark Zane    "Persuasion"

Added February 20  JOIN NOW

Bella needs a job but Mark doesn't have any openings for dancers, unless they are really, really good. She gets up on stage and shows him her big tits. He loves her big, natural boobs but still isn't sure. To persuade him that she's the girl for him, she takes out his cock and starts sucking. After some great messy head, Mark eats her pussy, then fucks her hard (including those big tits) and finally dumps his sticky cum all over her huge rack. But does that mean she's hired?

Allison Kilgore with Rodney Moore    "New Boobs"

Classic Movie  Added February 18   JOIN NOW

Allison comes over to show me her new boobs. Hmm, they do seem bigger! So, I check them out thoroughly, with my eyes, my lips and my big, throbbing dick. Of course, she can't leave before taking a big, creamy Rodney Blast all over her pretty face.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Monique Perri & Misty Lyn


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is beautiful MILF Monique Perri, in her first scene with me, with more to follow. The second is another great MIsty Lyn scene, this time she gets in the shower then swallows her friend's Quinten's cum twice!

Camilla Rhodes & Rodney     "Nookie Negootiator"

Added February 15   TRAILER   JOIN NOW

Sexy Camilla Rhodes stops by Rodney's place to buy 4 classic vinyl albums for her boss. As she looks over the albums, she notices that they're in pretty bad shape so, she offers him 20% of his asking price. Rodney decides to cut her a deal, if she'll lift up her skirt and let him see her gorgeous thighs, he'll lower the price. At first Camilla is shocked but, then she figures if she can get a good deal it'll make her boss happy. She agrees and lifts up her skirt to show Rodney her hot legs. When she does, he just can't control himself so, he whips out his throbbing dick and proceeds to rub one out. Camilla is shocked and threatens to leave if, he doesn't holster his hog. Rodney thinking fast so he won't lose the sale or his erection, tells Camilla that he has two rare albums that her boss would surely want, but he doesn't want money for them. Instead he'll trade the albums for her bra and panties. It is a pretty good deal so Camilla agrees, as long as he keeps his big dick in his pants. It seems like a done deal but, Camilla can only pay for the first 4 albums with a check and Rodney only accepts cash. He decides to take the check but, only if she'll let him take a sexy photo of her on the couch, skirt up, and legs akimbo as a guarantee that the check wouldn't bounce. She reluctantly agrees and proceeds to let Rodney snap a couple of pics. Problem is, he just can't resist the sight of her yummy pussy, and he dives in tongue first, hungrily licking and lapping at her pulsing pussy. At first Camille is wracked with guilt but, it quickly gives way to waves of pleasure as she spreds wide to let Rodney thrust his massive appendage deep into her hot vulva. Camille is more than willing to let Rodney slide his throbbing member deep inside her hot pussy from all angles. She also happily slobbers and drools all over his fat cock like a rabid dog. Finally, Rodney unleashes a torrent of hot, creamy goo for her to eagerly swallow to the last drop!

Hayley Cummings with Barry Scott    "The Bet"

Added February 13   JOIN NOW

Barry has to remind big-titted Haley that they had made a bet on the last Super Bowl. A bet that he won. She doesn't recall the bet but she always keeps her word so when Barry whips out his cock, she opens her mouth to give him the sloppy blowjob she promised. He fucks her mouth as well as those big, natural boobs. Then he coats them with his hot, sticky load.

Darla Crane with Rodney Moore    "Darla Does It"

Classic Movie  Added February 11   JOIN NOW

Darla Crane has been doing fetish videos, spanking and bondage, but up until now she's resisted doing XXX video. But when she found out that she could make her porn debut with a huge, gooey Rodney Blast all over her pretty face, how could she resist. So here it is, Darla's XXX debut.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Josalyn & Melissa


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is another great find back then, a super cute "Girl Next Door" type, the lovey Josalyn, who mostly did scenes with her boyfriend Travis, but in this one, she realizes her fantasy of having two black men, Don and Wolf Savage. The second is a breast milk fantasy scene with pretty Melissa, who in addition to having really perky breasts full of milk, has a nice round bubble but and a thick hairy pussy which I get to fuck.

Anastasia Rose with Rodney Moore    "I Wanna Make Porn Movies"

Added February 08   JOIN NOW

Sexy and petite Anastasia Rose cums to Rodney's porn company to interview for the front desk. But why be a secretary when she could be a porn star? So on her first day at work, she dresses in a slutty outfit and begs Rodney to give her a chance to fuck on screen. So, he shows her the ropes on how to suck huge cock and put toys up her ass. But, if she really wants to make it big, she should try anal sex (for the very first time) with him! So with her legs spread wide, and her pink pussy poking out, Rodney shoves his monster cock into her tiny asshole. She moans with pleasure as he pounds her balls deep, and then with her ass up in the air, he munches on her ass crack. Then, to show she's got what it takes for porn stardom, Anastasia rims Rodney's man cave and jerks his big schlong at the same time. Finally, after a little more fucking and sucking, Rodney straddles her soft, perky tits and paints her pretty face with goo.

Beverly Paige & Rodney     "Boobs Too Big"

Added February 07  

Beverly can't get a job as a bikini model because no one makes a bra big enough for her stupendous appendages, which are 100% natural. But Rodney claims he has one to fit her and can give her work. But Rodney has his own problem. Anytime he sees a pair of jugs bigger than GG (her's are HH), he can't help jerking off on the spot. She thinks he's a jerk for whipping it out, but soon she's happy to provide a nice warm home for his big fat cock between her huge boobs, her soft mouth and her tight wet pussy.

Kim Kennedy & Kylee Reese with Alan Stafford    "2 Ounces to Go"

Added February 06   JOIN NOW

Alan is desperate to lose 2 ounces before the big competition tomorrow but after working out at the Gym, he just can't seem to drop that final bit of body weight. The only thing he can hope for is for some pretty girl (or two) to blow him, in hopes that maybe his big load is enough to balance the scales. Kylee and Kim seem interested in helping him. With plenty of drool, they chow down on his meat, sucking him hard and deep. He then cums in Kylee's mouth and she shares the load with Kim. They both swallow every drop of his hot, tasty seed.

Oasis with Rodney Moore    "Wild Party"

Classic Movie  Added February 04   JOIN NOW

NOTE FROM RODNEY: This scene was shot in ONE CONTINUOUS TAKE!! There are no cuts, no editing. I turned the camera on when I got out of the elevator and didn't turn it off until the scene was done, and nothing was cut out!! Out in Atlantic City at the East Coast Video show, I ran into Oasis, who is a swinger with her own web site (cum2oasis.com) who enjoys having sex parties. She invited me to a party she was having at her hotel. When I got there, she took me into a room then proceeded to give me a wild BJ. I hadn't cum in about 10 days, so she got a huge Rodney Blast all over her face. Then I paraded her into the living room where all the guys at the party could see her face covered in sperm. They all applauded, even the guy who just happened to be getting a BJ from Vixen, another wild party girl.

Two Classic VINTAGE VHS UPDATES featuring Crystal & Gabrielle


Check out two new updates to the VINTAGE VHS Section. The first is the well known Rodney classic, "Back Street Beach Babe," where I find the lovely and cute Crystal sunbathing on the beach. I talk her into doing a scene with my friend Curtis, and while on the way to his house, she sucks on and inserts a dildo in the back seat. Then she sucks and fucks Curtis. The second is a typical Interview/Audition type scene with lovely Latina Gabrielle, who lets me fuck her and takes one of the first massive Rodney Blasts.

Alex Chance with Rodney Moore    "Massaging the Mammories"

Added February 01   JOIN NOW

Rodney runs into Alex Chance, the happily married super naturally busty babe he got to blow him when he sold her his exercise bike. Seems the exercising has paid off, and both her and her husband have lost a lot of weight. Rodney offers to sell her is massage chair, but she's hesitant to come over because she doesn't want to get into trouble again. But he promises her that his new massage therapist girlfriend takes care of all his needs, so he needs neither the chair nor her hot body. But while she checks out the chair at his place, his girlfriend calls and breaks up with him. Now he's faced with a sexless future, so he again tries and of course succeeds in getting Alex to blow him. But this time, he fucks her beautiful pussy too. NOTE- Parts of this scene feature Rodney's new "PENIS CAM."

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