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Lacie Coxx

"Wayward Daughter" - Hot MILF Jules is having a problem with her too hot to handle daughter. Now that Lacie is going to college she has turned into a major slut! She walks around in teeny tiny clothes and gets in trouble for distracting everyone with her sexy antics. Jules wants her boyfriend Rodney to come over and talk to her. Not before insatiable Jules gets some cock first. While Jules is getting it on with Rodney, Lacie's boyfriend Mandingo sneaks over and Lacie wastes no time getting out that huge black cock. Lacie sucks off his huge black meat and then puts that monstrous shaft in her teeny tiny pussy somehow! He pounds her and has her screaming for more. Meanwhile Rodney gets an expert blowjob and fucking from Jules. The kinda fucking only a MILF can give and even gets a creampie oozing out of her hot MILF pussy. Lacie has now been given a huge white Mandingo cumshot that covers her entire cute little face. The cum is still dripping off of her face when Rodney comes in to talk to her about her sexy behavior. He tries to convince her to buckle down and study, but Lacie starts asking him racy sex questions and touching Rodney. She wants him to fuck her in the ass and before you know it Rodney is fucking her super tight little asshole all over the place and then giving her her second cum shot of the day right in her cute slutty mouth for her to taste and swallow.



Annie Andersinn

"Help in the Tub" - Hot blonde nurse Annie Andersinn is hired to help Mandingo rehabilitate his hurt leg. She has to give him a bath and he is trying to act normal because she is dressed like a fantasy slutty nurse instead of a real nurse. Panties, a bra, a nurse apron and a nurse hat and ALL are tiny and show off her amazing tight body. She sees his big boner and decides she has a way to make him feel better. Her nursing blow jobs are the best and all of her clients feel 100 percent better after that. So she starts sucking his big black huge Mandingo cock. Mandingo plays with her perfect big boobs while she works his big ass dark pole. Sucking and sucking she works hard to make him feel better and won't stop till she draws out his thick white cum all over her pretty white face.



Venus Milan & Claudia De Corazon

"Two Girls and a Big Cock" - Venus and Claudia are two sexy gals that love a man with a big cock and Mandingo is just the man they're looking for. The girls take turns licking and sucking Mandingo's massive member until the big man can't hold back and he unloads a heaping helping of hot spunk for them to enjoy!



Bobbi Bliss

"Tools & Drools" - Bobbi and Obsession slick themselves up with their own saliva, then give slippery head to Mandingo and Byron Long. Hear the slobbering sucking these two give, then see them suck and swap man seed in this classic drool-fest.



Nikita Denise

"Love it Big" - Nikita Denise is a red hot European Girl who goes absolutely bonkers when she sees the size of Mandingo's Monster Meat. She can't get enough of that massive log in her mouth. He creams all over her face, and she relishes the taste and feel of his salty sperm.



Alexis Amore

"Big Hose" - Beautiful Latina Alexis smells smoke so she calls the fire department. When she sees the size of Mandingo's Hose, she decides she'd rather blow him than blow out the flames. She gets inflamed with desire for his huge load of white spunk so she sucks that huge black cock ferociously until his sperm coats her face.



Lauryl Canyon & Elle Devyne

"The Sperm Bank" - Lauryl Canyon and Elle DeVyne are 2 nurses at the Sperm Bank. Their job is to get guys off and store their sperm in the lab. But Nurse Lauryl is hungry for cum. First they get off Wolfgang, a huge dicked white guy, and he spunks into a test tube. But on the way to the fridge, Lauryl downs his goo. Next 2 monster cocked black guys including Mandingo get thoroughly blown by Elle and Lauryl, who again eats their goo. When Dr. Rodney comes in to see how much they've collected, he's disappointed to find there's no new batches. So once again, he must contribute himself. But Lauryl again gobbles up his blast before he can store it.



Daejha Milan

"Nude Housecleaner" - Bored, Daejha calls over a nude housecleaner Mandingo for entertainment. But when she sees the size of his huge black cock, she can't help sucking on it and when he cums all over her face, it's her doing the cleaning.




"Faithful Mariah" - Mariah's boyfriend thinks she's been unfaithful, so she has to spend a lot of time convincing him on over the phone that she would never cheat on him. It's very distracting for her to have to do that while she has Mandingo's Monster Pole in her mouth. And what an explosion when he cums a gallon all over her face and lovely boobs.



Darla Crane

"Scene Together" - Darla Crane walks into Mandingo's room to meet him before they shoot a scene. When Darla sees Mandingo getting out of the shower and how big his cock is she decides to have her mouth meet his huge cock. She drops to her knees and fills her pretty little mouth with Mandingo's big black cock. Darla gets a blast of goo that she swallows every last drop off.



Sabrina Jayde & Princess

Takes On Mandingo's Monster Meat

"Big Present" - After singing Happy Birthday to her best friend Sabrina, Princess tells her she has gotten her a BIG present. She wants it to be a surprise, so she blindfolds her and then presents her with a huge gift, Mandingo's monstrous penis. Sabrina loves her present, sucking on it with abandon. Princess joins in, and after lots of sucking, Sabrina takes a big load all over her pretty face, then Princess licks it all off.



Dominica Leoni

Takes On Mandingo's Monster Meat

"No Plot" - Dominica can't wait for Rodney to cum up with a plot, she's got to have that monster of Mandingo's in her mouth right now, so she gets on her knees and goes to town. Soon she's rewarding by lots of spunk on her face.



Queeny Love

Takes On Mandingo's Giant Cock!

"Real Big" - Mandingo is taking S&M photos of model Queeny Love who's blindfolded. After playing with a whip, Mandingo gives her a black dildo to suck on. But she wants something bigger. So Mandingo whips out his huge monster and she sucks on that. When he removes her blindfold, she's quite pleased to see that the huge thing in her mouth is made of flesh. She sucks it wildly until it shoots all over her face and on his belly. She laps up every drop from his stomach, then blows big cum bubbles.


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