Zayda     "Drool Dare"

Added April 24

Zayda is modeling for Rodney but when she turns her back on him for a second, he whips out his cock and starts jerking off. Offended, she dares him to suck on her nipple after she's drooled all over it. Rodney takes the dare and Zayda gets turned on fast. Now she's whipping off her panties and daring him to do the same to her pussy. He goes to town on her clit and ass, then she sucks his cock hard and deep. Now that it's ready for her snatch, she gets on top and rides his balls. He fucks her hard, then she eats his Rodney Blast.

Classic Scene    Luna Rae   "Stripper Practice"

Added April 17   Original Shoot Date   December 01, 2008  

Classic Scene    AngelinaSmith    " Sleazy Agent"

Added April 16   Original Shoot Date   July 25, 2000  

Sweet, innocent Angelina thinks it would be fun to do an adult video. Unfortunately, she thinks an adult video is what she sees on late night cable (i.e. no penetration.) Even more unfortunate is the fact that she's in the office of a very sleazy porno agent, who takes full advantage of her innocence and has her sucking his big dick and fucking him. He even talks this naive girl into swallowing all his hot, sperm.

Classic Scene    Zenia Markova   "The Rug"

Added April 10   Original Shoot Date   June 09, 2009  

Zenia comes to Rodney's to buy a rug and while she's calling her friends to come help her pick it up, he starts getting hard. She gets pissed off when he starts touching himself, so she pulls down her skirt and tells him that if he's going to be like that, he's going to have to lick her hairy pussy. Little does she know that Rodney is a professional Rug Muncher. He licks her bush with gusto, then slips his rock hard cock deep up inside her for some hot humping. Then he pulls out and covers her furry pussy with a hot, sticky Rodney Blast!

Classic Scene    Becky Brown   "Batteries Not Included"

Added April 03   Original Shoot Date   April 07, 1997  

Classic Scene    Cassandra with Rodney Moore    "Big Girls Swallow Too"

Added April 02   Original Shoot Date   September 05, 2000  

Classic Scene    Blaine   "Blaine's Hairy Vacation"

Added March 27   Original Shoot Date   September 02, 2001  

Classic Scene    Michelle & Samantha   "Hair in the Chair"

Added March 20   Original Shoot Date   May 19, 2008  

Classic Scene    Kat Lixx   "Horny Little Kat"

Added March13   Original Shoot Date   December 01, 2008  

Classic Scene    Skye Phillips with Rodney Moore    "Soaked and Spunked"

Added March 12   Original Shoot Date   July 30, 2005  

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